It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that when setting up your email marketing, the subject line is the #1 most critical part of your message. Like other experiences in life, the first impression makes a large impact on the likelihood of gaining trust, and getting someone’s attention. That little line of 4-8 words is going to make or break your connection lasting with the person on the receiving end of your marketing efforts.  Now that you know what to focus on, here are 4 key factors when creating your first impression!

WIIFM – Whats in it for me? Most people get 100-200 personal emails per day so there isn’t a lot of patience to work with. The reader wants to know right away what’s in it for them. Start off your subject line by letting them know. If you are in front of business owners who are looking to build knowledge and revenue, make sure they see that in the first few words. If you are in front of consumers looking to save money, make sure the deal you are offering is in the beginning of your message.

It can be Non-Complete – Do you stress about the subject line being a complete sentence with proper grammar and punctuation? Don’t! This is a subject LINE and not a subject SENTENCE. Write your message however you see fit, and your English teacher won’t be disappointed.

Be Honest – Your first impression is about building trust and a relationship with your prospect to continue opening your emails and have an interest in what you are advertising. If your subject line is misleading, off topic or has no relevancy to the email content itself you will lose that relationship and respect. It’s the best policy!

The Human Factor – Is this the first time your contact list is seeing an email from you? Or have you sent hundreds of emails to them already? Maybe this list opened an email and you are re-marketing them just hours or days later to entice them again? Whichever it is, make sure your subject line speaks to them personally. Don’t forget to present the human factor and give greetings, and connect on an emotional level. Real people are reading this, so make sure they know a real person is sending the message!

In conclusion, email marketing has grown to be the top 3 most effective ways to reach businesses and consumers in today’s market. The first impression rule applies to this so make sure you take the time you need to create one that will gain the results you want! Need to reach more people and get in front of more quality leads? Here at BENN Solutions, we specialize in cost effective campaigns that deliver above average open rates. Contact us today at to find out more.