2You Can RunButYou Can't Hide

You can run, but you can’t hide

Creepy right? Have you been looking for houses? Those real estate companies will find you. That pair of shoes you were looking at last week but decided not to buy – there it is on the top of espn.com while you’re just trying to check MLB scores.

There are so many ways advertisers find their consumers ultimately resulting in them buying the product or service either because they convinced them that they need it, sweetened the pot with a good deal, or they just really want them to stop sending them and serving them with their advertisements. As technology grows, the easier and more accurate targeting gets.

Up next on Creepy Ways to Find Consumer’s – IP Address targeting.

BENN has access to over 250 million households and 18 million businesses. There are so many ways that your business can use this for maximum exposure.

  1. Say you own a restaurant/bar in a city where there’s a large sporting event happening over the weekend. Find IP Addresses for the hotels around the area that potential patrons may be staying at. You can serve ads on the laptops, tablets, AND mobile devices hooked up to the wifi.
  2. Say you own a chain of gyms and want to increase membership sign ups. Give BENN a list of your current customers’ addresses. We can run a report to find look-alike households. Purchase that list of addresses. Then target them with a membership sign-up deal.
  3. Sending out a direct mail piece? Reach them digitally too! Use that same mailing list to find their IP Address and serve them ads while they’re searching the web.

After the campaign is over, provide BENN with a list of new sign ups. BENN can tell you which of those addresses received strictly direct mail or a combination of direct mail and digital.

Research says that consumers need to be reached up to 20 times before they react and potentially convert. Keeping your product or service in front of your audience is the best way to ensure that you are the first thing that comes to mind when they are needed.

Want to reach your potential consumers in a smart, yet almost creepy way? Let BENN help you customize a plan to reach your ideal audience!

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Chelsie Masciola

Programmatic Campaign Manager
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and BENN Solutions
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