It was a warm Friday afternoon and all PG Advertising Employees had three things on their mind, FOOD GAMES & FELLOWSHIP! When you work for such a great company, it was no surprise that as soon as the weather broke, the department managers all got together and created an amazing spread of games, pizza, gourmet cola, contests and more to treat the hard working advertising team.

After all meetings were had, ads were designed and contracts signed, the big bunch grouped outside sunglasses and denim and rallied for a very competitive Cornhole tournament!

Manning the competition was our very own ‘Officeburgh’ suited up in the one and only Penguin costume supporting our Pittsburgh Penguins in the Playoff’s!

The Penguin did a fantastic job organizing teams, giving time checks, making sure rules were being followed and completing the brackett that would soon lead to the discovery of our Cornhole champions who would take on the COMPANY WIDE Cornhole tournament! Stay tuned for the big reveal…

Once the bag throwing kicked off there was almost an instant interest in the ‘MEGA JENGA’ game and the onlookers gathered. It takes master skill and concentration as our mangers and directors showed the crowd how it was done!

The fun didn’t end there of course we had a most comical game of ‘Pin the contract on the Bill’ – Our steadfast Senior Advertising Director who gladly volunteered to take a picture for us with open arms to collect those signed deals. Our blindfolded pinners really showed that nothing can stand in the way of getting those advertising dollars in the right hands!

Along with the life sized Jenga we had larger than life ‘Beer Pong’ (Ginger Beer of course) & Bocci Ball!

As the tournament and games came to an end, the air was filled with laughs, claps, good times and cheers for all those who competed and for those who watched!

(We have the best cheer squad!)

All in all, the best take away from our afternoon of FOOD GAMES AND FELLOWSHIP was that you have to work hard to play hard and we sure lived up to that. There is no question that the Post-Gazette and BENN Solutions have the best work ethic when it comes to both!


Photography & Captions by Jennifer Noah