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If you do just one form of digital marketing you must do Google AdWords Paid Search! Why?

  • Superior ROI

Paid Search is a Pay-Per-Click (“PPC”) model of marketing – meaning you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You don’t pay for “eyeballs” you pay for actual site visits (or calls). And people searching for keywords are people showing intent – AdWords Search is a “bottom of funnel” marketing tactic. And don’t you want to be there when someone is showing intent to learn about or purchase products/services that you sell?

Bonus!: You don’t need a large budget to do Paid Search. Do it right and you will squeeze the value out of every last one of your digital marketing dollars.

  • Brand Terms Ownership

You can even run a campaign that only targets your brand terms. These words will have a high Quality Score which will translate into low cost per click (CPC) because your ad will only show when someone searches for one of your brand terms. And AdWords likes to give better ad positions to the more relevant ad — and what is more relevant than your site when someone searches for you by name?

“Why pay for an ad on a results page where my brand comes up #1 organically?” Do you want your competitor to appear in the ad spot right above your organic result and potentially steal that sale? If you aren’t doing Paid Search and your competitor is and your competitor is bidding on your brand terms – well you just gave your competitor an advantage over you since you gave them real estate to tell the customer about their brand before they ever even got to see your organic result.

Being in a paid result also demonstrates that you are a serious brand that they should seriously consider – You may be a simple Mom & Pop Shop but because you have a paid ad you show them that you are a high-quality Mom & Pop Shop that can definitely meet their needs.

Bonus!: If your competitor is trying to bid on your brand names and you are bidding as well then you will win a better ad position at a lower CPC because your site with your name on it will definitely be more relevant than a competitor’s site for that keyword.

Bonus!: If for some reason you actually have really poor SEO for your brand names you can “pay to play” to get into that ad space above all the organic results. [Then go off and fix your site’s SEO!]   

  • It is the audience looking for you

If you are targeting your brand terms and your ad shows then you just got your brand in front of your ideal target audience.

No matter who you think your target audience is from a demographic standpoint with Paid Search demographics don’t matter — there is no guesswork involved in who may be interested in your brand because your ad displays to whoever is actually searching for you. And if someone is searching for you by name by all means they are your target audience!

  • Landing Page Control

Even better than coming up #1 in the paid results is the fact that you get to both (1) control the landing page and (2) take up a nice chunk of screen real estate.

With organic results you most likely will be directing that audience to your home page – and hoping that from there they then explore your site and find your great products/services. But statistics show that most users bounce and don’t convert on the first visit — meaning they consume just that one page before they leave your site without completing a desired action (such as making a purchase).

But with Paid Search you can direct a click to a specific page on your site. Why is this beneficial? Well say you are a Heating & AC company advertising during the Winter then with a paid ad you could direct a click to your Heating products page — reducing the friction between where your audience lands on your site and what action you want them to take. Less Friction = Better Interaction = Higher Conversion Likelihood

And a gem of AdWords is you can add additional “Site Links” which will be displayed below your ads. You can then actually link to specific products, specific services — and all within that one paid ad. Instead of just a homepage option you could give them options to 5 different site pages. Site Links = More Click Options = More Relevance = Higher Click Likelihood

And those sweet, sweet site links push the next ad down the screen — giving your brand such prominence that your competitor loses visibility.

Now is the perfect time to reiterate: Do Paid Search! If you aren’t there to push your competitors down the page they will be there pushing your organic result out of view.

  • Mobile Call-Only Ads

Now Paid Search doesn’t just have to be on-screen search results that click through to your desktop or mobile-friendly site. Obviously directing users to your site is great – do it! But you can also harness the power of mobile beyond generating mobile traffic to your site.

Mobile is your friend and could even be your best friend. How do I know? Because people spend 4 hours a day on their phones and there are these things called “click-to-call campaigns”.

Do you like generating Leads? Do you like making actual Sales? With a click-to-call campaign you run on mobile devices and instead of a click to your website the user actually clicks on your phone number and it auto-populates on their phone’s screen. And then they click and they call you!

That’s right – A human person will call your business. And you will get to speak to them to tell them how great your company is. To tell them about your services. To make that personal connection which gets them so much closer to a purchase. (Congratulations – You have just got that person into the narrowest part of the conversion funnel – Now merrily squeeze them across the finish line!)

Bonus! You can set up the campaign to only run when someone is available to answer the phone.

So if you do just one form of digital marketing make it Google AdWords Paid Search. And if you are looking for help with exactly how to do it just Google “BENN Solutions” and give us a call.