Have you been asking yourself if you should be doing digital marketing for your business? The answer is unequivocally yes. If you are anything like me, you always want more customers/leads. Digital marketing is the quickest, most efficient, way to start acquiring these new users.


So where do you begin? Do you hire a marketing agency or start to build your own in-house marketing team? We completely understand that in this day and age, digital marketing can be intimidating. If you are going to build your own team, where do you start? Some marketers specialize in paid search, while others are experts in social media, others still drive content marketing or conversion rate optimization. As good as a marketer might be in one area, the digital landscape is simply too complex for a single person to be an expert in it all.


This is where BENN comes in. The major advantage of hiring a marketing agency over trying to build your own team from scratch is professional experience. BENN is a team of marketing professionals that understand the best practices for each platform and marketing channel. The team knows how to plan a campaign that is tailored to increase the number of real people interacting with your brand. We have worked with a wide range of industries and have helped grow acquisition programs for businesses at every stage of their development. We will execute your campaigns successfully and in such a way that the results are easily understood and can be trusted.



Aside from gaining more customers, every business owner is concerned with costs and how to cut costs. The cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house team can be very expensive. Not only does our team bring a breadth of knowledge, experience, and varied skillsets, BENN is affordable when compared to starting or hiring your own team.


BENN is a full service agency that can fulfill all your needs, from initial strategy, to creative development, campaign execution, reporting, data analysis, and optimization. As a business owner or decision maker you wear many hats already. Marketing may be the area you are most unfamiliar with and there are only so many hours in a day, it’s important that your marketing approach doesn’t suffer from time constraints or inexperience. Partnering with the BENN team can solve this dilemma.


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