A client ran a YouTube TrueView Video campaign. After seeing the results they asked me:

“I noticed the CTR is lower than the traditional banner ad. Realizing you get more information in a video, but only 20% total completion rate I am just questioning the impact. I know content/video is king but I am wondering how impactful it is.”


For TrueView you don’t want to look at CTR since the goal is Views — we find that a view rate around 20% is standard/typical. The impact is there because it provides great exposure and the advertiser only pays for those completed views — with a view rate of 20% that means for every 5 exposures 1 person watched the full ad — you got in front of all 5 but you only paid for 1.

This is why the 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% stats are handy too — you can see how much of your ad was viewed and where people dropped off – but you still only pay for those that made it all of the way. Someone who makes it 75% of the way thru a video just consumed the majority of the content but you didn’t have to pay for it.

TrueView is a great branding strategy in general but it also is a great strategy when it is paired with a multi-faceted digital campaign which reaches the audience via display ads and via desktop and via mobile. Yes, the ultimate goal is conversions — and a click on the video gets that person one step closer to converting — but when thinking about Video campaigns it is best to consider the reach it achieves as its value and strength.

As for the clicks the video received – even if the user doesn’t convert or stay on your site very long that click has value – because anyone who clicks gets put into the remarketing pool — so they can be re-reached via display ads, continuing that exposure to your brand.