Row of businessmen and women reading newspapers
While attending a meeting of the MDDC Press Association in Baltimore recently, one of our staff sat in on a panel discussion between regional newspapers and an ad agency. When asked what information the agency looked for from newspapers when considering them for a buy the very first thing said was “demographics.” The buyer said she wants tAnchoro know as much as possible about readers.

Do you have demographic information at the ready? Is it current? Do you have budget to pay for data? If the answer is “no”, we can help. BENN Advertiser Solutions’ partner Civic Science is a leading supplier of newspaper polls. They typically ask two demographics questions per set of 4 questions posed to visitors to your website. The first question is an “engagement” question; “How much time do you spend in the car each day?” or “Do you yell out song requests at concerts?” (53% said “no”).  Follow up questions can be on age, sex, marital status, income, home ownership; all kinds of valuable data when painting a picture of the visitors to your website.  That kind of data can help you with ad agencies.

Now, let’s make it even better. National companies also pay to ask questions “How much do you like the new menu options at McDonalds?” That revenue flows down to papers who host the poll and there’s a 300×250 national ad immediately below the poll that refreshes each time the visitor hits “submit” when answering a question or clicks through to see the response percentages. That can mean up to 8 ad impressions and that revenue flows down to you. Data you can use to increase sales and a direct passive revenue stream. It’s no wonder so many BENN Publisher Solutions’ partners are also Civic Science poll partners. Want to be one too? Respond to this email or call Jack Ratzsch for all the no obligation details 410-625-6425.