Why you should be utilizing mobile ads from BENN

Although the 320×50 ad size hasn’t been sought after by many local clients, the national ads networks BENN works with want them and are willing to pay a premium. Mobile Tags will feed when your site is visited on smartphones and smaller tablets. A review of revenue by ad sizes just a week or so ago showed the ad networks paying between $6.60 and $7 CPM’s more than 7x the average across our partner network for standard banner, leaderboard and skyscraper ads. If your site is on a responsive platform, and if you aren’t already using them, we heartily recommend placing our mobile tags as soon as you can. If you need us to resend this size, send a note to and we’ll have them on their way to you and larger checks will be sure to follow!

Happy New Year from all of us at BENN Publisher & Advertiser Solutions.

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