So you’ve agreed to run a digital campaign. You’ve take the time to meet with an account representative, most likely from an agency or a major publisher, a campaign manager and/or digital products specialist all before signing on the dotted line. You’ve discussed time lines, budgets, reporting metrics and have devised strategies about which platforms will give you the best reach for your business’s target audience. But what have you taken away from this experience? What have you learned from speaking with the people who are going to run your campaign? They have your marketing budget in their hands people! How can you, as the business owner or marketing director, put your head down at night knowing this ‘campaign manager’ can deliver you results? You would probably not deem yourself an expert in social media advertising and you most likely are not up on your weekly reading of Google’s Optimization Best Practices Guide. Well rest assured! We are here to put your mind at ease! These are the top 3 things campaign managers want you to know…

As campaign managers here at BENN, we have spent countless hours studying and passing exams to become fully certified across multiple Google platforms. This allows for us to offer advertising services to numerous industries and focus on specific areas of marketing. We are a Google Partner, meaning we have earned their endorsement and have gained access to a myriad of benefits from Google! This translates to increased support and better performance for you, the client! We have learned how to create successful, effective campaigns and how to get you the conversions you are looking for.
2) We run campaigns of all shapes & sizes
We support digital campaigns of all different kinds. From small to large budget; general branding to specific audience+geo-targeted; from local charitable donations campaigns to Facebook contests, we run them all! So don’t concern yourself, there is no job too big or too small for your campaign manager. We get the opportunity to learn about your company and your customers, and all the data they bring along with them! As a campaign manager, our #1 goal is to help you gain more business and to achieve your marketing objectives.  Think of your campaign manager as an extension of your own marketing team — they only want to see you and your business succeed!
3) You know more than you think…
For last 2 decades, we have been using the internet in our daily lives to help us accomplish a multitude of tasks. Recently, the amount of time spent on or in front of a screen greatly surpasses that of time spent pretty much anywhere else. A large percentage of users are even in front of a TV or computer screen when they are using their cell phones or tablets to consume even more data, whether it be reading a news article, searching for a realtor in their area, or watching cat videos on YouTube. Business’s see the paramount need to be advertising to individuals, and it needs to be in the form of digital. This means that we are shifting to marketing to the individual; we are using dynamic ads that appeal to the person, not to the masses. Can you think of time when you saw a sponsored ad on your Facebook feed and thought, “Jeesh…how’d they know I was even interested in that? I was just looking at that!” Think of how you interact with media on a daily basis…what works for you? Where do you find yourself the most engaged? That probably holds true for a large percentage of people, as we see trends on how users engage with digital media. So go for it! Run the Facebook campaign! Do a mobile click-to-call campaign that connects users, who are intended to find you and contact you, right to your receptionist!
At the end of the day, we want you to understand how we do we what we do. We want you to understand how we get people from viewing an ad on their tablet to walking into your brick-and-mortar store, or increasing your e-commerce. The more you know, the easier it is for both you as the client, and us as the campaign managers, to take on bigger, better campaign objectives in stride. And the best part about it – your campaign manager secretly loves it when you ask questions. It shows that you are engaged and aren’t afraid to take on the digital advertising world. So, any questions?
Alysha L. Tuma

Programmatic Campaign Manager
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and BENN Solutions