As an employee who works under a major publisher I can say that selling ad products outside of our paper at first felt a bit counterproductive. “Isn’t our main objective to grow our digital presence and reach more potential readers online? So HOW does it make sense to drive advertisers to buy placement everywhere BUT our paper?” After discovering our tactics and witnessing results I saw how necessary it was to offer extended reach digital advertising services. Advertisers seek multi-channel ad campaigns so if we want to be a successful publisher we need to offer them the ability to do extended reach. 

The Post-Gazette offers solid editorial content and the opportunity for advertisers to reach visitors with specific demos, geos, and behaviors within our published content. But we understand that these demos, geos, and behaviors exist beyond our site and can be reached across the web and social media. It is this combination – of offering advertisers our own inventory but also extended reach – that has brought us to the next level of knowledge, revenue and overall success.

Here at BENN our main objective is to provide the Post-Gazette with the capacity to extend the Post-Gazette’s reach by offering up-to-date digital services to our advertisers. BENN allows the Post-Gazette to not only offer itself as a valued traditional brand centered around excellent content and reach, but to also offer services so that advertisers can reach their target audience wherever they are online. As a member of BENN and a proud partner with the Post-Gazette, I wanted to share a few reasons why we offer extended reach and how this sales tactic works….every time. 

1) The Agency vs. Publisher

So you probably see that most advertisers use an agency, but they also know they need to invest in placement on local and major news sites for those high reach numbers. Whether it’s through that agency or handled directly. Now, with new collaborations and smart partnerships such as ours, you can do it all in one place, paying only one management fee. If you are a publisher and you constantly compete with agencies for attention, start offering the same services and start seeing heads turn your way for everything your advertisers need.

 2) You Digital IQ Just Went Up

Already finding it hard to keep up with the ever changing digital trends and terminology? To keep up with your advertisers, it’s imperative to stay ahead of whats producing results in the digital world. By offering the latest in extended reach, you are apart of that growth and by association inherit new knowledge everyday. The trends follow you. You notice you understand acronyms you struggled to remember, and see advertisers looking to you for ‘whats new’ in social, Google or any other puzzling platform they try to stay on top of. Becoming an expert you’ll find, is pretty fun.

3) Gain Transparency. Gain Trust.

Lastly, think of the last time you trusted someone with information or even your own money and you really never knew how it was spent. With print and even some online impression based ads, it’s hard to see important information on the who what when and how your ads were displayed. With almost all extended reach products, you get stats on site, audience and category lists where your ads where displayed as well as optimization tactics from your campaign managers. You know where your money is going, how it is being spent and how to maximize results to get the most out of it. 

Jennifer Noah
Digital Sales and Operations Specialist II