1.) Age doesn’t matter…Does anyone care how old Pokémon is?

As you can see with Pokémon GO, there are people of all ages jumping on the bandwagon of the biggest digital search in game history. Look at it this way: Think of gummy vitamins. Years ago, they didn’t exist at all.  They were created for kids to easily chew and swallow their daily supplements. Adults not invited. Then one of the vitamin companies got smart and decided to take a look at how they could expand and grow. They tweaked their product and packaging and BAM, they attracted the adult demographic which was hugely successful. This is a similar pattern with the Pokémon brand. Just because your brand or product lies with one age demographic, doesn’t mean you can’t target another demographic. In the end you could double your profit and add to your market! Get creative.


2.) People still like a mysteryWhere is that monster? What color is it?

Now more than ever, consumers want to ‘figure things out,’ in all areas of their life. Why? Once they complete one task they feel empowered and like that feeling which leads them to continue to take on more of them.  The same concept goes for a business and its advertising. Look at the Apple iPhone. The first iPhone was initially introduced. Once the brand was established, the company built hype around one big guessing game. “What will the next one look like?” “What features will it have?” “I heard it was going to charge automatically!” “What colors will they have?” “I want to know! What do you think?” – Small hints and clues are released to get you guessing, talking about it and discussing the mystery with your peers. Great marketing! Once the mystery is solved, it then becomes irrelevant. There will always be a new version in production with more tricks to keep you happy. If you found all of the Pokémon monsters and the game is over, what reason do customers have to ensure they will stay engaged and happy for a reasonable length of time? “Gotta catch them all!”


3.) Small rewards go a long wayGive them more monsters!

The same rules apply to a business and its customers. If you want to receive ongoing positive reviews and referrals, you must recognize and reward those people that are already sold.  Your current customers are your ‘fans’ and your best opportunity to advertise. Give them more then you would give a new customer, since they are more valuable. This concept may be backward for some, but will ultimately change your business environment for the better.  Maybe not ‘PokeBalls,’ ‘Potions’ and ‘Razz Berries’ but you get the idea.


 4.) Build it and they will come…Searching for more monsters.

 This age old saying still applies even in the new age technology using the latest graphic effects with mobile location data via smart phones. If you have an idea, invest in that idea and take the right steps in evolving the idea into a reality, (after research and advice from those with experience, of course.) The key again is to nurture and satisfy your initial fan base. Don’t try to win everyone at once. Pokémon was marketed to a younger demographic for kids and teens with a game on Game boy. Then it moved to TV shows, movies and now an app that went viral across all age demographics. Not until now did it appeal to the adult population. Now that it has, it has gained the necessary experience to handle a large range of products with an even bigger market.


5.) Everyone is Online …Even monsters.

If you need another reason to be convinced that the world is online, well here you go. The Pokémon GO phenomenon wasn’t a new board game, or a ‘build-it-yourself-outside-and-play-it’ game, and it wasn’t even sold in stores like Costco, (which is where you can get practically everything these days it seems, right?) No, this is an app that you can only get by having a smart phone in which case must have data so that you can get online to download the app, and only then can you discover the gem, Pokémon GO.  84% of Americans easily and conveniently have access to this process and do it multiple times per day on things they hear about or are shown through online advertising. Pokémon GO went viral within days, (because its origin is online making it easier to spread the word,) and grew millions of dollars within minutes. You want to easily, affectively and respectively reach more people with your brand? GET ONLINE.


6.) Never Stop Advertising…New monsters.

– Did you have a good week in sales? Did you just reach that YOY goal you were worried you wouldn’t hit months ago? Think you can cut back on marketing now? Wrong. Pokémon GO has probably reached its highest point in media attention. Possibly its highest revenue in app downloads in one month. So now would be smart for the brand to invest more than ever in its marketing efforts. The attention will start to dissipate and fewer people will feed into the hype. To stay on the mind and capitalize on the traction you do have when you are successful, you need to get out there, get creative and always take care of your ‘fans.’ Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising and how those people find you is through consistent online marketing with research targeting.


*Bonus Note – Buy some incense and set it off outside your store to increase foot traffic and sales. 🙂


Jennifer Noah

Digital Sales and Operations Specialist II
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