Ok, so I work for a newspaper… not just any newspaper, the largest paper in Western, PA. With digital on the rise, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette set out to be  more than a newspaper, and we did just that. The difference is DIGITAL media.
So, I also work for a digital media company that is part of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, we call our digital media division, BENN.

Through BENN, we have invested in the so called “Super Power” of digital technology. We have partnered with Google and other vendors to provide you, our advertisers, with EFFECTIVE solutions to reach your audience across many platforms on ~95% of the internet. So effective and efficient, that we have become the fulfillment vendor for many agencies in over 7 states.

What does this mean to you, our advertisers?
1. Quality – With a research team on board, we take the time to understand your market, have the experience of knowing what works, and comprise a custom strategy through the best means of digital for your unique solution.
2. Rates – You will see that our rates are competitive and make sense. The more you advertise with us, the more you save.
3. Results – We are 100% confident that we have invested in the latest technology that performs better than the industry average,  and have exceptional campaign managers to ensure optimal performance. We have examples to prove it.

Let us partner with you to become your one stop shop for DIGITAL Media. Here are somethings we would be happy to help you with:

  • Digital Advertising Strategies
  • Market Research
  • Neilson Prizm Segmentation
  • In-Market Buyers Segmentation
  • Auto Intenders
  • Demand Side Platform (DSP)
  • Pandora Internet Radio
  • YouTube: True View Video
  • Mobile, including Geo-Fencing
  • Social Media
  • Google Adwords
  • Site, Search & Contextual ReMarketing
  • Dynamic Price Point Advertising
  • Rich Media Advertising
  • Geo-targeting
  • Email Marketing
  • Text Messaging Campaigns
  • Campaign Reporting
    and Optimization
  • And more!

For more information, please contact me directly. I would love to hear from you!
Jaime Chesney

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