Revenue Tracking

I’ve been a team player for pretty much my whole life beginning with softball since I was 6 and dabbling in the cheerleading and dance team. Teamwork was stressed throughout the years of field-ing, stunt-ing, and choreograph-ing. My 6-year-old self never knew what an important part teamwork would play in my mid-20’s career but boy did that pay off.

Enough about me, let’s talk about BENN and digital advertising. Digital advertising isn’t something that you can just set up, forget it, and expect it to work. It takes time, optimization, and – you guessed it – teamwork. Your campaign manager, whether it be myself or one of my team members, will work with you as a teammate to meet your needs and bring home a win. Below are the six major steps that we consider necessary to breed success:

  1. Before we do anything else, we start with ‘needs analysis.’ This is where we sit down with you or join in on a conference call to ask these important questions: What are your goals? How will you measure these goals? What are some previous digital experiences that you’ve had including successes and hurting points? What’s your target audience? What potential budget will be available? These are some of the things we will discuss to get an idea of what needs to be done.
  2. Pow Wow – After we find your needs, our team will research and bounce some ideas off of each other and putting together a plan that will be right for you.
  3. Meeting, Round 2 – This is where we go over the plans and create the perfect program for you.
  4. Quick Turn Around – We’ll work together to give BENN access to the needed platforms such as Social Media, Google Analytics, etc. We’ll set up the campaigns in each platform and set up any trackable conversions. We’ll UTM all of the click through URLs so that they roll up neatly under your analytics. Once we have creative and all of the information for set up, we can usually begin within 48 hours!
  5. And We’re Off – The campaign has started. We let the campaign run for a few weeks (depending on the length of the campaign). Once we’ve collected some data we’ll begin optimization. This ensures that low performance sites, categories, and audiences are excluded from the campaign. You can see, in real-time, the increase of performance using our BENN Reporting Dashboard. If one platform is under performing, we can push the budget towards ones that are.
  6. WIN! – We will review monthly and brainstorm other ways to reach and exceed your goal!

So moral of the story is teamwork + optimization = a win!

Chelsie Masciola, BENN Solutions