First – Know your Objective & Goals

  • Who are you trying to reach? Why are you trying to reach them? What do you want them to do as a result of your ad?
  • What do you want this Campaign to accomplish? :: Services/Product/Event Awareness? Brand Consideration? Conversions?

Second – Do you want additional “Organic” Reach?

  • Would you like to get impressions without having to pay for each one of them? Social Media has additional value since posts/events can be SHARED with others – and you do not pay for those additional impressions or clicks generated by those Shares!

The first point is your standard “I’m looking to advertise, what do you recommend?” type of questions. Facebook can accomplish all of those things – once you know who you want to reach and why you are set to go. Get into Facebook select your campaign objective, set a target geo, add in some demographics, add in some behaviors/interests, set a budget and flight dates and you are all set!

But that second point? That is where Facebook stands out from other platforms – and it’s one of the benefits of “Paid Social”.  With a usual targeted display campaign or Paid Search you pay for each impression. You may run based on CPC, but in the end each of those impressions still did have a cost. But with Facebook the ads can drive additional engagement beyond a link click, comment, or like — it’s their shareability that really adds value.

Why is that? Because when paying for impressions you pay for the initial impression. But since that target audience can then choose to share it with their friends you can reach their friends “organically”.

What does reaching them “organically” mean? It means that once your post/event is shared with that friend and that friend sees it you do not pay for that friend to see it — BUT you receive all the benefits from that additional exposure. That person can click the link, like, comment — and even share the post/event too!

Time and time again when we run Facebook campaigns we see that our ads not only had great paid reach, but they experienced the benefits of organic reach — getting a decent number of additional impressions all for free.

Do you like free things? I do. And I especially like it when it means my clients get their ad dollars “stretched” in this beneficial way.  

So should you advertise on Facebook? Facebook is a great platform – for almost anybody. Minimal budgets. Large budgets. Broad target audience. Niche target audience. Facebook is likely for you. And it’s a great fit if you like getting people to engage with your content — they may not all visit your site but at a minimum they saw your brand and took some time to like or comment or **fingers crossed!** even share it.

How do I get these free impressions? When you advertise on Facebook make sure you have a good message, compelling creative, and a strong call to action. Those things will get your target audience to engage beyond the impression. If they like what they see and read they will give you free additional reach by sharing it with their friends. (So take the time to make a good ad!)

Need help with getting going on Facebook? Let BENN help you. Because after all we like free stuff just as much as you do.

Need inspiration? Here’s an example of an ad that reaped the benefits of Paid Social’s Shareability. We made sure to target the right audience and we received affirmation that we did just that when we found that 11.5% of all views of the ad were driven organically. That’s right – 11.5% of all the ad impressions the advertiser DID NOT PAY FOR. Do you like that as much as we do?