North Shore Points of Interest Walking Tour

Art. History. Sports. Oh My!

Have 1 hour and want to see 35+ Points of Interest the City of Pittsburgh has to offer?

Then follow our lead and take the North Shore Points of Interest Walking Tour!

Here’s how:

Important pre-walk note: This is an “Express Tour” where the focus is on walking and momentarily seeing these places — not on actually sightseeing/enjoying — you would need more time for that! But this way you can amaze your friends as it will appear that you devoted a whole day to getting to know Pittsburgh when you did it all in just 1 hour. …Now get walking!

Your route will look something like this:

I am not a map-whiz so marking it up perfectly with all the POI spots is unfortunately not included… I may try to figure it out though based on your feedback. So let us know if you would like me to figure out how to make such a perfect map! (I do digital marketing, not cartography so apologies for my subpar cartographic skills.)

Walking Distance: 2.0 – 2.5 miles depending on how you walk it.

Little Loop/Big Loop/Trail Trail: You can do a (1) Heinz Field area loop or a (2) PNC Park area loop or a (3) North Shore Trail trail. Or, like a Swiss-army knife and the BENN Team, you can do it all — so just be bold and do it all!  

NS POI Tour  

Start: Start near the intersection of North Shore Drive and Chuck Noll Way. Locate the Southwestern Pennsylvania World War II Memorial (across from the Bettis Grill restaurant). Congrats you have already seen 1 sight!

Middle: There is a lot of stuff to check out. Follow the Guide to get to all the interesting points! [Fingers crossed we gave you good enough directions!]

Finish: Congratulations! You just saw many interesting points filled with art, sports, and history! Pat yourself on the back. Then notice that whoopsie-doodles! you didn’t complete a whole circle… so choose your own adventure and walk to food, rest on a bench beside some art, or just explore and find yourself another interesting point to tour!



North Shore Points of Interest Walking Tour


Photo Gallery – In semi-walking-ish order:

Written and created by Maureen Kennedy