Hi. I’m BENN. I know you know me well and that I can help you extend your digital reach. But I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my good friend Post-Gazette.com.

Post-Gazette.com is a very good friend. Reliable, trustworthy, working every day to bring you important information about what is happening, and what has happened, in the Pittsburgh region.

While I do a great job of getting your brand/services promoted across the internet my buddy PG does a great job of serving to your audience from one place – where the audience comes to you.

My friend Post-Gazette.com is a great place to advertise – because of these superb qualities you will find here and nowhere else:

  1. Visibility
  2. Brand Safety
  3. Branding
  4. Share of Voice
  5. Segmentation

Before entering into any relationship I am sure you want to get to know the other person. So let me expand upon those qualities I outlined above.

Visibility: If you are someone who loves to be served your own ad – to check on it, to remind yourself of the creative, or just to rest assured that indeed your campaign is serving – well post-gazette.com is a good match. When you run on the homepage, a section front, or run on all articles published to a particular section of news you can rest assured that you will find yourself there – your ad alongside trusted, quality content which is being consumed by 1,000s of people each day.  

Brand Safety: In an age of fake news and questionable sites/apps there is nothing fake or questionable about post-gazette.com. Your brand is safe with PG. As a leading newspaper and publisher post-gazette.com is a trusty place for your audience to see your brand.

Branding: PG is a most trustworthy friend. Not only will your brand be seen on a trusted site, but it is on a site that gets 10s of 1,000s of visitors every day. If you want to reach your audience go to where they go — and they go to post-gazette.com.

Share of Voice: Now I know that BENN is great – and we offer you great reach and exposure. But my friend PG offers you a unique opportunity that BENN can’t – and that is guaranteed share of voice. With Post-Gazette.com you can “roadblock” a section front or entire section — reserving all available advertising slots on the page for your brand and your message. On other websites you may get 1 slot of several and maybe occasionally you could win two spots on a page, but with PG they can make you the only on the page – guaranteeing that when someone comes to the page the only one they see is you. We know it is great to have a committed relationship, and PG is someone who is committed to meeting your needs and placing you first.

Segmentation: Now a BENN speciality is being able to target your target audience when and where they are online. But PG also has a means to narrow who you serve to. There is audience segmentation which can be applied to post-gazette.com visitors to best ensure that your brand serves to only your main target audience. Need to reach a certain household income level? Yes, PG can make sure that you advertise to only those who meet that threshold.

As you can see my good friend Post-Gazette.com is a great place for you to advertise. PG has a lot of great qualities which you shouldn’t overlook when considering your digital strategy.

Want to learn more about my friend? Let me give you Post-Gazette.com’s phone number so you can give PG a call — 412-263-1776 (and ask for Troy Piekarski).