Hello there! It’s me again. BENN – the extended reach expert. I recently introduced you to my good friend post-gazette.com. We talked about how visibility, brand safety, branding, share of voice, and segmentation are all great reasons to consider adding my pal into your comprehensive marketing plan.

Today I want to expand on the ways that you can use post-gazette.com’s trusted brand to your company’s advantage with Native Advertising.

Native Advertising is defined as “material in an online publication which resembles the publication’s editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser’s product.”

Here’s some benefits of Native Advertising:

Audience – Post-Gazette.com has over 3.8 Million unique visitors monthly. That’s 7.6 Million potential eyeballs to your brand and story.

Association – Associate your brand with one of the most trusted news sources in the Pittsburgh Market.

Brand Story – Every business has a story to tell. It’s hard to fit years of hard work and growth into a 300×250 display banner – tell your whole story to an affluent, engaged audience.

Backlinking – Backlinking is an incoming hyperlink from one webpage to another. It also plays a part in your organic search result ranking. The more trusted sites that link back to your website, the better.

Engagement – With Native Advertising we see a high level of engagement mostly due to the fact that when they visit my friend post-gazette.com they’re there to consume content. Users who visit a native post spend over 1 minute on average consuming that native content – that means they’re reading and engaging with your story.

My favorite part about Native is that I even come into play with the Native amplification add on! I can programmatically extend your article’s reach to other content-driven websites and drive even more engaged users to consume your content!

So if I told you that Post-Gazette.com would be willing to offer you a page of their website to tell your story with a bunch of other add-ons including social sharing, ownership of the article page and more, would you be interested? If your answer is yes, Here’s PG’s number again  –Jill Kirsch – (412) 263-1183