For those of you who sometimes find yourself watching the clock and having a tough time tackling your work load or don’t even know where to start…this is for you. For those of you who have put all your blood sweat and tears into your new job wanting to prove yourself, but you’re so scared you might fail… this is for you. For those of you who have reached years of experience and think you couldn’t ask for anything more, but that’s just it, is there anything else after this? This is for you.


These next few minutes of your time may just help you lift up your head a little higher and give you something you’ve been lacking. Everyone has a story of how they reached the company they work for and why. Whether it’s a temporary transition or the perfect fit that changed the way you see employment. No matter which it is, there is ONE THING that will eliminate the uncomfortable, uneasy and sometimes scary feelings you get while sitting at that desk each day. You are anticipating what I’m going to say and might even be thinking you already know. For those that don’t, I want to help you discover that one thing, and it’s not the same for everyone.


There is something that you can’t wait to do when you go into work. I’m not talking about that 12pm lunch break when you get to eat and relax and check your social media, that’s not part of your job. I’m referring to the task that you actually enjoy sinking your teeth into and coming out on the other side like a champion who just got first place in a grueling marathon. You know you understand it, you love the challenge and you’ve proved to yourself that you are one of the best at it. To be honest, that’s why you enjoy it! We enjoy things we are good at. It’s a natural human feeling, and coming from your employer, it’s probably why you were hired. This ‘task’ is more then just another item to check off your list, it’s actually the ONE THING that brings out your best YOU at work.


From the beginning of starting to tackle the ‘task’, you are positive, clear headed and excited. You have yourself winning before you start the race. Then you organize yourself. Since you’ve already proved you have a steady plan to attack this ‘task’ you have a great path already paved to follow making sure everything gets done in the best way possible. You are laser focused and in full concentration because you are owning this! 99% of the time, when we have this attitude, we achieve great outcomes. Whether they are exactly what we wanted, or close to it.


If you can remember the last time you were excited to do something, you can obviously relate to this. If you can’t, try and think of the last time you enjoyed doing something productive. Think of why you enjoyed it and what it took to get there. When we do things we are passionate about, and truly feel we can do well, we become the most productive version of ourselves.


Now imagine taking that same mentality and applying it to the work we dread. Something that we have failed at several times. Maybe a task that we just don’t understand, or one that we may not even feel is our responsibility but it’s something that we have to do. That ONE THING can easily be applied to this. How you say? Just start with what you do when you begin to do that task you love doing. Get excited. Get organized. Find the best path to success that you can possibly think of to get it done. Get laser focused and fully concentrate on each part of the task like you are in full control, because you are in control. You already have this attitude in you, it’s just your choice to bring it out and use it. Once you do, it will change the way you see your work and will ultimately take you to the next level.


In this practice we are taking what is already an easy win for us, and applying it to something we’ve already convinced ourselves we’ve lost. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase, “It’s a win win.” Well wouldn’t it be nice to apply that to our day to day work load? Find that ONE THING and use it because it’s the most valuable tool you have.


Jennifer Noah

Operations and Sales Specialist @ BENN