In 1894 Labor Day became a national holiday to pay tribute to the social and economic achievements of American Workers.

Consider how our industry has changed since 1894 when newspapers were the only way to let the citizens know about their new holiday. Newspapers continue to bring information to the people they serve but today it might be in print, digital, mobile, social media or other method, many of which can be a drain on your bottom line.

It doesn’t have to be that way thanks to BENN Publisher and Advertiser solutions. We can bring ad dollars to your web and mobile news sites you probably wouldn’t get otherwise, if qualified we can eliminate your monthly web hosting fees, we can bring you added revenue streams you may not be aware of that also give valuable insight into your readers and we can help you help your advertisers as they expand their reach into social media advertising.

If you’d like no obligation information respond to this email and we’ll get you details before you head out to enjoy the Labor Day holiday.

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