Your Candidate. Your Issues. Your Message. Your Solution? BENN and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Reach Your Voters

What makes BENN and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette different from other Print & Digital Marketing Services? 

With us you can manage both your Print & Digital Marketing needs all in one place.

Every Political Campaign needs a Print Marketing Strategy.

Leverage the expertise of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to reach everyone in a specific market or just specific Nielsen PRIZM segments. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette doesn’t just know Pittsburgh; it knows the nation.

  • Reach the Pittsburgh-area market in Newspaper Print, Post-It Notes, ROP, and Direct Mail.
  • Reach the national market with Direct Mail.

Every Political Campaign needs a Digital Marketing Strategy. 

Utilize BENN to bring your candidate, your issues, and your message to your target audience online. BENN offers a cross-platform approach to reach voters and increase awareness among your target audience and within your target market.

  • Have a local campaign? BENN can market locally.
  • Have a national campaign? BENN can market nationally.

Big or small, BENN has you covered no matter what your target market is.

Have a specific audience you want to reach? BENN can reach them. BENN offers a wide-range of targeting options. Including:

  • Political Party Affiliation
  • Political Category
  • Active Voters

Our Digital Audience Extension opportunities include the DSP, Facebook, IP Address Targeting, and Site Remarketing. Our Programmatic Campaign Managers will work with you to identify which platforms are the best fit for your specific message, your target audience, and your goal.

BENN and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette can make the difference to your political campaign’s success. Let us strengthen your political campaign today.

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