If you don’t feel comfortable giving out your Facebook credentials to an agency, have no fear, Facebook Business Manager is here.

Facebook Business Manager is made specifically so that agencies – such as ourselves – can run all advertising for all of their clients under one account.

Does this mean that your ads will come from your agency’s Facebook page? The answer is no. All you will need to do is grant them advertiser access. This means that the agency will only have access to advertise from your Facebook page and view the results. Nothing that you did not share with them will be able to be seen nor will they be able to post, comment, like, or share from your page.

Below are step by step instructions on how to respond to the advertiser access request from your agency:

  1. Log into a Facebook account with Admin permissions
  2. Go the the Facebook page that the access is requested to
  3. Click settings in the right top corner
  4. Go to Page Roles in the list on the left
  5. Respond to request and accept
  6. Make sure to save those changes

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Chelsie Masciola

Programmatic Campaign Manager

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and BENN Solutions