So you’ve learned enough about Google Analytics to have it on your site and to poke thru the data. You’ve even started calling it “GA” to save yourself precious seconds when talking about it.  But what you’re really longing to do is dig into it and get down to “What does this really mean?”. We have you covered. Join us for our Google Analytics On-site Training Sessions to get yourself caught up and ready to gather all that important data about your site visitors. The training will be held at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette office,  North Shore location.

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Come discover how to…

  • Track visitors and their engagement with your site
  • Utilize data to understand who your audience is – who they are, how they got to your site, what they do on your site
  • Establish and set up Goals to track Conversions
  • Create Segments, Views, and Filter data
  • Generate Reports, set up Custom Reporting, and utilize additional tools to readily access the data that is the most important to your organization

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