Wondering if the Facebook Mobile Ad Preview has changed recently? It has.


In searching Facebook Help for information about this change all I could find were the things I already know about uploading ads and how to preview them instead of any explanation as to what exactly this change is or why it was made.



Still need to send a client a preview of what the “Website Clicks” ad will look like on Mobile? And you want to send the one with an image? You can still do it.


Here is what I’ve figured out…


If you rely on Facebook to show you the image under “Mobile News Feed” you’re now out of luck. You just get text. Like this:



That’s a little lackluster….


(1) The easiest way: Take a screenshot while you are setting up the ad and previewing it there. This screen provides both Mobile Preview options — “Mobile News Feed” and “Feature Phone”. The “Feature Phone” is the one with the image.


(2) Fail to do that during set up? To Preview your ad with the image you have to go back into the ad itself. Don’t use the “Preview” link in the right rail. Avoid this one:



If you use that all you’re going to get is this screen which doesn’t help you:



Sure you can click on “View on mobile” but that just generates a request that you want to view it on  a phone… but since you want to take the screenshot right now that really doesn’t help you.


So: How do you get it then?


Once you are drilled down all the way to the ad level you have to “Edit Ad”:



That will pop up the actual ad editing screen:


And lo and behold – there it is – Previewability!



Now you are free to take your screenshot and send the mobile ad preview to your client. Like this:



What exactly is the classification difference between “Mobile News Feed” and “Feature Phone”? Facebook Help explains it this way, “We consider iPhones and Androids to be smartphones and most other mobile phones to be feature phones.” Since Android and iPhones are not called “Feature Phones” by Facebook this means that people on those devices now receive an image-less ad in the “Mobile News Feed”.  This is a dramatic change!

Why Facebook defaults to a non-image “Mobile News Feed” ad makes sense now — because most people use Androids and iPhones, but what I still don’t understand is why Facebook has moved away from having images in the Mobile News Feed ads.  If you know – please tell me!