Just like E.T. sometimes you just want to phone “HOME”. Or, to put it another way: You want ANYONE to call your  “BUSINESS”.  


An AdWords Click-to-Call campaign is a great digital marketing tactic for driving calls to your business. This isn’t just your pedal-of-the-flying-bicycle (aka run of the mill) text ad campaign – This is a campaign which only runs on devices capable of making phone calls. Not only that but you can also daypart it to only be active when someone will be available to answer the call – such as, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.


In a Click-to-Call campaign you do not drive traffic to your website. You drive them to call your business. They perform a Search, your ad appears, they click on it and your phone number gets pre-filled into their phone’s dial-up screen. From there all they have to do is press “Call/Send” and you’ll have a successful “ET phone home” moment.


Sadly, not everyone who Clicks and goes to the Call screen will press that “Send” button. While stats on a good ratio of click-to-call follow-thru is hard to pin down the best internet sources we’ve found report about a 25% ratio between ad clicks to placed calls. But with BENN’s skills added into the mix to re-animate your sales from a dead chrysanthemum to a revived plant we will do our best to improve that ratio for your campaign. (In fact we’ve had campaigns that have seen a 55% ratio of clicks to placed calls.) We care about finding the best keywords and correct match-types for those keywords to filter out/away irrelevant clicks – working to turn that search into a click into a call all for you.


So now that you’ve found this great digital marketing tool hiding in your tool shed you don’t have to lure it out with some candy — and you don’t need to use telekinesis to lift up your sales — all you have to do is contact us and we’ll get you boarded on the spaceship to success.