Why should you hire a digital marketing agency vs. building your own marketing team?

Have you been asking yourself if you should be doing digital marketing for your business? The answer is unequivocally yes. If you are anything like me, you always want more customers/leads. Digital marketing is the quickest, most efficient, way to start acquiring these new users.   So where do you begin? Do you hire a […]

Reaching Your Target Audience

Hi Guys! We are pleased to announce that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and BENN Solutions will be hosting its first digital seminar this fall! The event will feature speaker, David McBee of Simpli.Fi. He will cover topics such as “How to Reach Prospects at All Levels of the Purchase Cycle”, “How to Measure Beyond the Click […]

AdWords Search – Why aren’t my ads showing up?

Your client is telling you they can’t see their Search ads. They are wondering: “Why aren’t my ads showing up?” There are many reasons why this can be. First a word about BUDGET & DURATION… We all know that a Paid Search campaign is a great tactic to reach people both during their research phase […]

Click-to-Call Campaigns

Just like E.T. sometimes you just want to phone “HOME”. Or, to put it another way: You want ANYONE to call your  “BUSINESS”.     An AdWords Click-to-Call campaign is a great digital marketing tactic for driving calls to your business. This isn’t just your pedal-of-the-flying-bicycle (aka run of the mill) text ad campaign – […]

Boost Team Morale & Boost Business!

Hey, everyone has a bad day. Some people more than others and days that turn into months even years! And when that happens, it’s noticeable to everyone around you including your coworkers and most importantly, your boss. It’s not easy for anyone to ignore and when you add it to the work load it adds […]

Your First Impression is Everything

  It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that when setting up your email marketing, the subject line is the #1 most critical part of your message. Like other experiences in life, the first impression makes a large impact on the likelihood of gaining trust, and getting someone’s attention. That little line of 4-8 words is […]

Meet My Friend PG.com – Part TWO

  Hello there! It’s me again. BENN – the extended reach expert. I recently introduced you to my good friend post-gazette.com. We talked about how visibility, brand safety, branding, share of voice, and segmentation are all great reasons to consider adding my pal into your comprehensive marketing plan. Today I want to expand on the […]

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