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Reaching Your Target Audience

Hi Guys! We are pleased to announce that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and BENN Solutions will be hosting its first digital seminar this fall! The event will feature speaker, David McBee of Simpli.Fi. He will cover topics such as “How to Reach Prospects at All Levels of the Purchase Cycle”, “How to Measure Beyond the Click Through Rate”, and “How to Reach People Who are Visiting Your Competitor’s Location”.

Why Are We Having a Digital Seminar?

Well why not! This event is designed to be fun, engaging and educational. So why should you be excited about attending this event? You as business owners will not be enduring another sales pitch, but rather an explanation of how one of the biggest trends in digital advertising today works up close.

Bringing in the expert

Our special guest, David McBee, is joining the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for a dynamic discussion about targeted display advertising. David travels coast to coast educating more than 10,000 business owners and digital marketing professionals about the ad tech that places relevant advertising in front of relevant prospects: through targeted display & geo-fencing. This is your opportunity as business owners to hear from an experienced digital advertising specialist, ask him the tough questions and gain some insight on how you can use display targeting to reach your potential clients. Learn how to reach prospective clients at all levels of the purchase cycle, understand how to measure beyond the click through rate, even how to reach people who are visiting your competitor’s locations!

You want more?

Attendees will be entered to win more than $5,000 in prizes, including raffled Pittsburgh Penguins tickets! One lucky winner will receive a weekend getaway for two to Indianapolis (including airfare, hotel, and tickets) for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday November 12th at 1:00pm EST. How do you get a chance to hear these great opportunities & win these amazing prizes? See below!

RSVP by October 4th – Space is limited!

REGISTER for the free seminar here: www.post-gazette.com/brandlocal

Brand Local Digital Seminar

October 11, 2017 – 9am – 10am

Rivers Casino

777 Casino Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

AdWords Search – Why aren’t my ads showing up?

Your client is telling you they can’t see their Search ads.

They are wondering: “Why aren’t my ads showing up?”

There are many reasons why this can be.

First a word about BUDGET & DURATION…

We all know that a Paid Search campaign is a great tactic to reach people both during their research phase and at the moment of decision.

But each campaign is different and we have found that if you don’t have enough budget and if you don’t let it run for at least 3 months you aren’t going to get the results.

Each campaign is different in how much an average click costs. It depends on the keywords, landing page relevancy, target geo, and budget.

Some keywords are highly competitive and thus very expensive. Sometimes the landing page doesn’t contain the target keyword so you will pay more for the clicks and not win many impressions. Target a geo that is too small and search volume may not be there. Have a budget that is too limited and the campaign’s daily budget may be spent within a few hours

We need time to learn and optimize. With time we can know:

  1. which keywords to add, remove, or adjust the bids on
  2. which ads to keep, remove, or adjust
  3. how to adjust the campaign to better ensure the budget properly stretches throughout the day

A campaign that runs for a limited amount of time does not provide enough data to optimize and may not provide the results the client is expecting to see.

I also Googled the client’s keyword terms but didn’t get their ad.


There are may factors which can explain why you’re ads aren’t showing up for a particular keyword search… Why you don’t see your Ad is a combination of the Daily Budget, Keywords, CPC, expected CTR, and Google’s algorithm.

AdWords will pick and choose when to show the ad — It uses an algorithm to determine whether or not to bid on an available impression. Google examines how many times your Keywords could match searches in a day and what your Click-through-Rate is to then tries to deliver the right number of clicks your budget can buy.
This will mean that ads aren’t eligible for every search on their keywords during a day. It’s important not to search yourself for your own Ads too often because your own searches are influencing how often the Ads are shown.


We have minimums for a reason — if the campaign doesn’t have enough budget to serve it will not serve. Once the client’s budget is spent for the day they will not be eligible for any more impressions and so will miss out on any additional keyword searches performed that day.


Sometimes advertisers want to target keywords which they do not include on their site. Google takes into account your ad relevance + keywords + quality score + bid to determine whether or not to bid on the impression. If it has poor ad relevance it will have poor ad rank and leave the client out of the auction. Even the highest bid will not win the impression if there is someone else out there who is a better match.


And lastly, you may not be in the target audience – either you aren’t in the target geo or Google may know that you aren’t likely someone who will click on an ad [say if you’ve been searching repeatedly for these




As you can see there are many reasons that a client’s ad may not show up for a particular search.


If you are concerned about a particular client reach out to your BENN Campaign Manager to double-check that the campaign is active and the desired keyword is on the campaign. We can review the data we have available to us in the platform to determine why the ad wasn’t served — we can get insights into if the campaign is budget constrained, a bid is too low, or a keyword has a low quality score. Then working with you we can do our best to adjust the campaigns to get it to perform as best as we can for the client.


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