Looking Forward to 2017!



We’re almost a month into the new year and with that comes changes. ****As I write this, our new President is being inaugurated.****


There are great, new changes with the BENN Team and our products, so I asked my team what they’re most excited about. All of these changes, we feel, are to the benefit of our clients and partners and we here at BENN are determined to make them work for you. Let’s see what the team thinks!


I am excited about Keyword Contextual targeting and taking the keywords I target in a Search campaign and put them to use in a Keyword Contextual tactic to see how it performs — taking the power of Search and extending it to display.”

Maureen Kennedy-Macel, Digital Marketing Campaign Manager & Google Analytics Specialist

With our new DSP, we have advanced keyword targeting that collects search data from users across the internet and allows us to target those users searching the keywords and serve ads on contextually relevant sites.


“I’m super excited about running and the results of the new mobile geofencing capabilities.”  – Chelsie Masciola, Sr. Programmatic Campaign Manager

Geofencing is one of the main strengths of our new DSP. We can do the standard radius based geofencing, but now we can draw custom fences around specific buildings or sections of a city. We can use those same capabilities to create a conversion zone and a custom audience made up of users within a given fence. This benefits our clients because it allows them to get more specific in their targeting and have a way to track the value of a campaign without going to a website.


“I’m excited about the native advertising platform.” – Jennifer Noah, Digital Sales and Operations Specialist II

Native advertising isn’t a new concept, but it’s gaining steam because digital publishers are looking for new ways to best serve their readers while bringing in revenue. Native advertising fills that void, because as an advertiser you can have your original content next to that of some of the largest publishers in the world. This gives advertisers the opportunity to educate readers about a new product or service, or give people insight into their organization.


“Being able to really target users throughout the entire funnel [from search, to research (when they are reading contextually relevant content), to general targeting, to remarketing] – I think that is really neat & definitely sets us apart in the market place.”

– Alysha Tuma, Programmatic Campaign Manager

Alysha’s quote ties everything together. We’re constantly working to make sure we providing the best service, so that no matter where you’re trying to reach people, you can feel confident that we have the tools to do it effectively.


Chris Scott

Programmatic Campaign Manager – BENN Solutions

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