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Understanding your buyer leads to more sales. We deliver a results-driven marketing strategy using Nielsen-PRIZM® Premier research and our suite of marketing tools.

Nielsen-PRIZM® Premier studies American households to understand and predict consumer behaviors, shopping patterns and media preferences. With this research we can provide a comprehensive view of your buyers and strategically locate new customers to grow your business by answering the following questions:

• Who are my best customers?
• What are they like?
• What do they buy?
• Where do I find them?
• How do I reach them?

PG Market Intelligence delivers proven results by pairing your customers with Nielsen-PRIZM® Premier research to develop a custom marketing plan. We will strategically deliver your message to your ideal audience through direct mail and eMarketing in order to motivate your customers to action.

Better Intelligence, Better Strategy, Best Results!


We deliver a results-driven direct mail marketing strategy using Nielsen-PRIZM® Premier research.

According to a survey conducted by Target Marketing magazine, direct mail delivers the strongest ROI for customer acquisition, contact and retention for B2C marketers. Additionally, the Direct Marketing Association reports that the cost per lead for direct mail is slightly less than other types of marketing including email, and a mailed piece holds a longer shelf life.

With Nielsen-PRIZM® Premier market research, we will deliver results by reaching your target audience with effective direct mail pieces. We can handle all of your marketing needs from start to finish – from designing the creative and lead generation to printing, postage and mailing.


We offer a menu of high-quality, full-color direct mail designs that can be easily and quickly executed or a representative can work with you to create a custom design that is tailored to your needs. Some of our direct mail options include:

• Standard postcards
• Jumbo postcards
• Folded invitation postcards
• Folded flyers
• Magazines

All customizable!

Direct Mail


We deliver a results-driven e-marketing strategy using Nielsen-PRIZM® Premier and the best in market research.

Using Nielsen-PRIZM® Premier, BlueKai, eXelate and
Lotame market research along with our multiple DSP solutions, we deliver results by pairing research with a custom marketing plan targeted to your buyer.

Demographic, Geo Targeting and Dayparting
Target your buyers using their demographic characteristics like income, age, gender, ethnicity and more. Geo targeting ensures your message is delivered locally. Dayparting presents the right message at the right time to the right people.

In Market Buyers
Reach online searchers who have recently visited sites such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com and are currently in or about to actively engage in the real estate buying cycle.

Site Retargeting
Keep your brand in front of your visitors after they leave your website with online ads that will direct them back to your site as they browse the web.

Category and Channel Targeting
Put your online display ad in front of potential clients using the keywords they type such as your competitors brands, real estate, new construction and other related searches.

YouTube, Pre-Roll and In-Ad Video Placement will bring your products to life for your ideal customers.

Deliver your ad to your target audience’s mobile device when they are in close proximity to your location.

Social media
Place your message within social media posts for high visibility. Utilizing Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to deliver ads gives you access to hundreds of targeting options and an audience that is highly engaged.

Google AdWords
Google Adwords offers the invaluable opportunity of reaching internet users who are actively searching for your product or services on the world’s largest and most widely used search engines. Your website will display first when keywords are entered.

BENN Demand Side Platform (DSP)
Maximize your reach with over 50 advertising exchanges. Discover which audiences perform best for your brand, refine and discover new audiences and re-engage past visitors and customers. A one stop shop for all programmatic advertising needs.

Measurable Results
Along with providing the best results, we can help you track them. The BENN Analytics Dashboard will let you view all of your digital activity in one convenient place.

Benn Stats


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