Millennials are one of the most sought after audiences in today’s market. With their unlimited growth potential, thrifty spending habits, and the ability to track their ever increasing online presence, these are the folks you want to invest in for the future of your businessDirect mail is here to stay, and forward thinking marketers are always finding new and exciting ways to use it to break through and capture the attention of the Millennial audience. Below are five things to consider when planning your direct mail campaign.

  1. Personalize– Let’s face it, Millennials are all about themselves. They grew up in a world where everything is personalized, right down to their morning cup of coffee. Smart marketers know they have enough information to do the same with direct mail.  Put in the extra effort to use your client’s name, physical location, or known interests. Your future customers will appreciate a custom postcard, and it will give you a competitive edge in the mailbox.
  1. Integrate Online– Millennials are compelled to consistently be online throughout the day. Combining your direct mail piece with a digital campaign, or email blast gives you extra exposure to consumers, increasing name-recognition.  Hit your target audience once with direct mail, then again with an email or a targeted social media campaign. In 2015, 44% of marketers used 3 or more channels for marketing efforts. The three most popular were direct mail, email, and social media.
  1. Incorporate Technology– With augmented reality and SMS Marketing, you have multiple ways your postcard can appeal to those who are tech savvy. Give your viewers an interactive experience by showing your product in an augmented reality app, or capture their attention multiple times a week on their mobile device with SMS Marketing. To track your results, use a personalized URL with an exclusive offer on your website.
  1. Social Awareness– Always include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram icons.  Your company should be connected on social media, and your direct mail should reflect it. Reach your customers on the top used apps and websites, and let your social media presence retain your customers for you.  The more followers and likes the better.  Announce events, new products, or company news through social media to keep viewers interested.
  1. Visually Appealing- Consumers appreciate a clever mail piece. Utilizing unique textures and clever folds to create an interactive experience will leave a lasting impression of your mail piece. Keep it simple, clean, and short. Too much clutter or too many words will cause the recipient to lose interest.