What is considered Transparent? Merriam-Webster defines it as free from pretense or deceit, easily detected or seen through, and readily understood. When you’re spending a large amount of your digital dollars, these definitions of “transparent” seem more important than ever in a business’ advertising success. Here are 4 reasons why transparency is important in the relationship between yourself and your digital agency.

  1. Know What Portion of Your Advertising Dollars Are Actually Going Towards Advertising
    Every business is well aware that these services do not come for free. We all know that agencies need to make some revenue but knowing how much you’re paying for the service vs. what you’re paying for the actual advertising is crucial. Whether it be a flat charge for X amount of dollars per month or a management fee based on your spend, it’s important to know so that you can compare pricing vs. the level of service/product that you’re getting in return.
  2. Be Aware of the Potential Middleman
    Outsourcing campaign management is big in the digital agency realm. It’s not always a bad thing. Some agencies partner with other vendors for reasons such as workload, time-saving, and more. Actually, sometimes the partnership gives the agency the ability to give you a lower rate than going direct with their partner. This is more about trust with your agency and your rep there. If they’re able to tell you “Hey Mr. Business Owner, we have this product that we don’t actually offer in-house, but with our partnership, we’re able to get you a rate lower than actually going to this partner directly” it shows you that you’re not being left in the dark or mislead.
  3. Need the Ability to Measure Beyond the Click
    While the pretty stats such as impressions, clicks, and CTR are great, they’re not always the stats that will help you with knowing if your campaign is successful or not. You need your agency to be able to add parameters to the link that you’re directing your ads to so that you’re able to measure in your Google Analytics or GA what the users from the specific campaigns are doing once they click. How much time is this audience spending on my website? How many pages are they consuming? What percentage of these users are clicking right off of my landing page once clicking? If you’ve provided your agency with access to you GA, these are all questions that they should be able to answer for you.
    Reporting should also give you more detail such as performance by tactic for display, your keyword performance and click type for the Google Search Network, as well as your engagement on your Facebook Sponsored Post. This data can spark some ideas for your other marketing, online and offline.

Trust With Your Agency and Your Rep
All of this transparency will help you trust your agency and rep. This will allow you to be able to feel good about your advertising dollars and trust that they’re in the right place because you have all of that data to back it up. A great agency will show you that your success is their success so you know that they’re doing their best to get you the best bang for your buck!