4 Steps to a Better Direct Mail Campaign with Nielsen PRIZM

In the year 2016, we see and hear of the endless possibilities Marketers have for reaching their customers. Even with all that technology out there, you pull into your driveway after work and check your mailbox. Even now, direct mail pieces have won their way into your life. How has this tactic survived while others have fallen? One of the top reasons is that direct mail can be just as highly targeted as digital. Everything you do from the car you drive, from the magazines you read, are tracked by Nielsen Prizm. Here are a few ways Nielsen PRIZM can be used for your next direct mail campaign.

  1. Understanding PRIZM: Every household in the U.S. is tracked by Nielsen PRIZM, and placed into one of 68 segments.  Segments are based off of characteristics such as purchasing habits, technology use, income, and age. Each segment is given a catchy name such as “Empty Nests” and “Bedrock America” to make them fun and easy to remember.
  2. Current Customer List: Use your current customer list to run an analysis through Nielsen PRIZM. First step to starting your campaign is to understand who is currently purchasing/using your product. Are they in the segment “America Dreams” which are 50+, mostly without kids, with average tech use?  Or do they fall under the segment “Heartlanders” which are also 50+ without kids, however has low tech use. Although some segments seem similar, each characteristic could mean a big difference when selling your product or service.
  3. Map out Potential Clients: Now that you have identified which segments are purchasing your product, Nielson will use this list to map out the zips that have a high concentration of you segments. Say you are looking to open a second location, use this map to identify where your clientele live, and where your second location will thrive.
  4. Add Top Segments to your Mailing List: Mailing lists can be targeted to your potential zips as indicated by PRIZM, as well as your segments. Rather than sending out postcards to entire zip codes or areas, target only the individuals who are best suited to your product.  Postcards will not be wasted on households out of your reach.
 Elke Peeters
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette