One common misconception about direct mail is that since it is not electronic, you cannot track it. WRONG. You can not only track the number of leads generated from a direct mail piece, you can track immediate response rates the day your piece hits homes. We have come up with 5 best practices for tracking your direct mail campaign.

  1. Know what you are tracking: Before the artwork is finalized, before the mailing list is approved, you should know what your business is trying to accomplish. Is it attendance to your open house, website views, or getting people to use a coupon? The piece should always feature a call to action in big, inviting letters. You should also consider the window of time in which you are allowing people to respond.
  1. Call Tracking Number: Want to know what customers are thinking straight from their mouths? Call tracking gives you the ability to track every direct mail driven conversation, and listen to what was said in a recording. Also, it doesn’t hurt to get a hold of that client’s name, phone number, and the date and time they called for a follow up. Call tracking can do all of that.
  1. Proxy Site: If you are having an events that require an RSVP, you should already be creating a landing page where people can respond, but if you want to see how many people go to your website on the sly, creating a proxy site will allow you to do that. A proxy site takes consumers to your website but through a unique URL, different from your general website. Keep the proxy site’s address short and easy to type into a browser.
  1. PURL: Personal URLs, or PURLs can double your response rate, and allow you to track each specific person who responds online, by name. Creating PURLs is similar to creating a proxy site, but you’re creating a unique web page for each individual recipient of your direct mail piece.
  1. Coupon /QR Codes: Everyone LOVES coupons. Whether it drives them to your brick and mortar store or it brings them to the website, both can be tracked. Be flexible. Gone are the days of requiring a customer to bring in a voucher for a discount. Using unique promo codes, you can not only get new business, but you can track which of your targets took advantage of your offer either in person or electronically.
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